Varuna: Fog, humidity and champagne sailing: 03 July 2011

> Date 3rd July 2011, 1620UTC
> Good afternoon everybody from VARUNA. Last night was foggy, wet and slow. In the early morning hours we had contact with a container vessel crossing our way to point alpha. David called him on the radio and the guy on watch seemed quite happy about the outside contact and asked about our plans and what we are doing on the middle of the ocean. When they passed us the fog was so thick that we could not see the bridge. Apparently they could not see us either, horning all the time.
> The worst thing about the fog apart from the bad visibility is the humidity it brings with him. Especially in light winds the sails get soaked and are flapping even worse in light winds. With every sail change, which we had two of, the wet sails brings the wetness and the salt under deck. Luckily the fog disappeared a few hours ago and we are back to the nice downwind conditions of the last days. As you can see on the tracker it seems like the strategy paid of and we are back in the higher rankings of the leaderboard always remembering that there are a lot of miles to go.
> The onboard life is routine. The first boys started to wash themselves and change underwear. Some had the first of their three cans of Coke we have on board for everybody. Things like a Coke are highlights in ocean racing and you should always bring them with you in some kind. Things that let you think about home. They keep the boys happy.
> Another highlight in these races is a piece of nice chocolate or just things that are out of the regular food plan with three freeze dried meals and a powerbar per day. There are roumors on board that we will have a real highlight either at point alpha or at half distance to the finish. We will keep you updated.
> Apart from the food highlights which are definetely a big part there are highlights like mails from families, girlfriends and friends and the position updates which we get frequently. They keep the crew motivated and awake to drive the boat allways on the limit.
> As you can see everything allright on VARUNA!

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