Varuna: Piano man: 08 July 2011

> No, I don't want to talk about our pitman. If you are into sailing you could think that. The pitman is in charge of the jammers (cleats that secure the halyards in the right position). Sometimes they are called piano or keyboard as they look a bit like the black and white keys.
> Today I want to talk about the song which we made the song of the trip. Billy Joels song called piano man. We heard the song first in a bar in Newport a day before we left for the Transatlantic Race 2011. Since then the boys have the song in their minds. It reminds us of the nice time we had in Newport before the race.
> Yesterday night after a sail change with all hands on deck the off watch went down below to have a freeze dried meal and the on watch kept pushing the boat as hard as always. Our onboard DJ plugged in his iPod and started the song.....sing us a song tonight... around 4 minutes of relaxation. On board everything quiet only the outside speakers flushing the boat with this song.
> If you want to feel this feeling at home make sure you do not sleep to much, take your foolies or a basic rain coat on, get yourself a cold shower and tune in that song. Just sit down in the poring shower and feel what we felt at that time. Out here after 10 days a sea it is definitely better then it sounds. Actually it is awesome. Not sure it will fell as good in a cold shower. Just try it out. Would be perfect if you do it with some good friends. Sharing moments like this one is a very important thing in team sports.
> Apart from this short relaxing moments we have once in a while the hard work is going on. After around 2000 miles we left behind us, this morning we had to go down below to look for our upwind sails. The wind changed and now we are going upwind in light winds. Compared to the last days very slow progress. But thats life in offshore sailing. You can't have the wind always from the back...

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